What To Expect in Your Child’s First Ballet Class

For a child, taking their first ballet class can be an exciting moment in their lives.  However, if  you and your child are new to ballet you are probably a little anxious about starting ballet classes.  Children as well as parents can be a bit nervous on their first day, so try to relax so your child can also relax.  Allow your child to go into the dance class by themselves. At Progressive Dance Studio, the instructor will greet them and introduce your child to the other children and soon she will feel comfortable and at ease.

 For younger students, class will start with a “hello circle” when the teacher will take roll-call and everyone will greet each other.  Instruction includes a ballet warmup and stretches followed by some technique across the floor. Dance class ends with a small combination of movements the student has learned.

Traditionally, all ballet classes end with a “reverence,” which is a courtesy to end class.  The reverence is done out of respect for the art, thanks to the teacher, and honors the traditions of a beautiful and classical art form.

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Why Ballet?

There are many positive benefits that come with learning the art of Ballet.  Besides learning the traditional techniques of ballet, ballet builds physical strength, flexibility, and fosters a positive self-image in young girls and boys.

Ballet helps instill grace, poise, self-discipline and self-confidence in your child as they learn the rules and techniques of ballet that have been handed down over the centuries.  Although ballet is a discipline in attire, class readiness, classroom attitude and learning technical fundamentals, at Progressive Dance Studio we believe ballet should be joyous, creative and fun for the kids.


New to Ballet….Here’s what you should know.  

 Dance Attire:  Girls will be dressed in a leotard (for the body), tights (for legs) and ballet shoes.  At Progresive Dance Studio we require leotards in certain colors for different program levels.  Tights are a “ballet pink”, a very light pink. 

 Shoes: Ballet shoes should “fit like a glove, and although the shoe should fit snug, be careful not to buy them too small.  When trying on ballet shoes, raise up to the balls of your feet.  Your toes should not be cramped and toes should be relaxed and flat in the shoes.

Hair:  must be worn up in a bun for long hair or pulled back for short hair.

Be Part of Progressive Dance Studio’s Annual Dance Recital

One of the most exciting parts of your child’s taking their first Ballet Class at PDS is participating in our annual Dance Recital, this year the recital will be held the weekend of June 2nd

At Progressive Dance Studio, our annual recital is the culmination of our student’s hard work during the year.  Our teachers are always extremely excited and enthusiastic to showcase the progress of their dancers, and to give our young dancers a taste of what it’s like to be in a performance.  

Your child will feel a sense of accomplishment while performing on stage in beautiful costumes while you enjoy taking pictures and videos of your tiny dancers’ first performance!

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