Synergy Dance Company Starts Its Dance Competition Season!

Competition Season is Here!

Since last fall, Progressive Dance Studio’s award-winning Synergy Dance Company has been hard at work preparing, training, and rehearsing for the 2019 competition season. Our dancers, families and instructors are so excited!

This is Progressive Dance Studio’s 8th year of competing at dance competitions throughout New Jersey . This year Synergy Dance Company, our pre-professional dance ensemble will be competing in three competitions.

2018 was our most successful dance competition season yet with Synergy Dance Company winning over 65 dance awards as well as winning the “Best Dance Studio” award at the VIP Dance Competition last Spring. We can’t wait to bring the awards home again this year!

Progressive Dance Studio supports twelve different Synergy Dance Companies for students ages 6 -18. Each dance company competes in four different dance genres: Jazz, Contemporary, Tap and Hip Hop.

Select Synergy Dance company members also perform additional dance solos, duets or trios in competition. These specialty dance routines are awarded to dancers that Progressive Dance Studio instructors feel have shown exceptional skill and technique. Competing as an individual is more challenging for the dancer but is very exciting for those who are ready to compete at this level.

Being a part of Synergy Dance Company is an exciting but challenging experience. Dancers learn much more than dance while training and performing. Dancers learn time management, dedication, teamwork, physical stamina, how to perform under pressure, and so much more.



Curious what a dancer experiences on competition day?

Arrival and Final Rehearsal

 Synergy Dance Company members arrive at the venue, head to the dressing room to get dressed in their first costume and put on their stage make up. Now it is time to warm-up and rehearse  for the final time the dance routine to be performed in competition.

“Competition is great because you learn a lot from other dancers at other studios. I like dancing with my friends and challenging myself” – Synergy Dance Company Member

Judging and Competition

Each dancer is judged from the moment they enter the stage. A panel of four to five judges is seated in front of the stage. The judges evaluate the dancers based on the way they enter and exit the stage, their performance energy, technical ability, costume, and overall stage presence. Each judge has a microphone to record all their notes and feedback for the dancer and choreographer.

“I have learned how to work together on a team and that it is not always about winning but about doing your best”  – Synergy Dance Company Member

Awards Ceremony

After all the performances have been completed for the day the award ceremony commences. This ceremony signifies the culmination of a year of hard work, commitment and dedication and is an important and fun event for every dancer and their instructors.

After Competition Day

In the days following, the Synergy Dance Company members return to Progressive Dance Studio and resume training and classes. The dance studio instructors and choreographers review the judges notes and competition video with the dance company members and use this feedback to improve future performances. The judge’s notes are used to instruct the dancers in real-time so the dancers know exactly what the judges are giving corrections for. This is something the dancers and instructors find invaluable because it is a great opportunity for each student to learn, grow and improve.

“I learn from my mistakes at competitions, about sportsmanship, stage presence and responsibility” – Synergy Dance Company Member

Dancers love competition season and what a great time it is for team building and bonding!
Go Synergy Dance Company!

Synergy Dance Company is currently accepting new dancers in the Jazz, Contemporary, Tap  and Hip Hop Crew Companies for our 2019-2020 season.

Auditions this year for Synergy Dance Company’s 2019-2020 season will be held on Saturday, June 8, 2019 at Progressive Dance Studio located  in Englewood, New Jersey.

If you are a dancer and would like to be part of an amazing dance team, please complete our online Audition Request form or contact us directly at (201) 894-1333.

Interested in Auditioning?

We are always looking for new dancers!
Auditions will be held in June annually
Contact the SDC Director

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