Synergy Dance Company is Winning the Season

The 2019/2020 dance season is rocking for Synergy Dance Company. Our dancers are in full swing, training hard and rehearsing for another outstanding award-winning year.

Progressive Dance Studio’s Synergy Dance Company is in its 9th year performing and competing at dance competitions. This year Synergy Dance Company is supporting eleven different companies for students ages 6 -18, competing in four different dance genres: Jazz, Contemporary, Tap and Hip Hop. Being a part of Synergy Dance Company is an exciting but challenging experience, and this year is no exception with numerous scheduled performances.

Dance Workshops, Awards and Scholarships Oh My!

Already this fall Synergy Dance Company has participated in two terrific workshops. In October, Synergy Dance Company had an incredible workshop at Progressive Dance Studio lead by Howard Johnson, an extremely talented professional dancer and a Top 20 Dancer on the popular TV Show “So You Think You Can Dance”. In early November, Synergy Dance Company participated in the Radix Convention where four of our Synergy Dance Company Dancers won awards and scholarships to future Radix Conventions.  Go Synergy Dance Company!

Following the Radix Convention, Synergy Dance Company Company Director, Erin Mallon, said “I am super excited about our Synergy Dance Company Team this year.  We have a great senior team of dancers that are good mentors and will help and inspire our new group of intermediate dancers. The participation of all our Company members was incredible at the workshops and it’s an awesome start to our new year!” 

Building on the success of the previous year, Synergy Dance Company is laser-focused on our 2019-2020 season. The 2018-2019 season was our most successful competition year yet with Synergy Dance Company winning over 80 dance awards!  

While there are too many awards to list them all, some of Synergy Dance Company’s most impressive awards from last year include:  Special Entertainment Award (Believe Dance Competition), 2 Choreography Awards & Top 3 Highest Scoring Dances (Revel Competition),  3 Regional Champions in the Mini, Junior, Teen Divisions, and 1 National Champion (Dancers Inc Competition). (See our 2019 Synergy Dance Company Award Highlights for more.)

This year Synergy Dance Company has a full slate of exciting competition and performance opportunities with a variety of events that include 2 Synergy Dance Company workshops, 2 conventions, 4 major competitions, 1 Synergy Dance Company Company Showcase, and our highly anticipated trip to Walt Disney World Resort.

Synergy Dance Company at Walt Disney World In May 2020! What!?

Can you feel the excitement? One of the biggest highlights this upcoming year is the Synergy Dance Company’s trip to perform at the Walt Disney World Resort in May 2020.  It is going to be an amazing trip as Synergy Dance Company’s dancers will spend four days and three nights at Walt Disney World Resort and participate in a special dance workshop run by Disney Entertainment Professionals plus perform on stage at Disney World.  

The Disney Workshop will help Synergy Dance Company dancers continue to develop their craft, learn new performance concepts and fine-tune their dance techniques during the fun, hands-on workshop sessions. Created specifically with the goal of inspiring and educating young dancers and performers, this Disney Workshop is a dream opportunity for our dance company members,

Of course, we didn’t forget to add balance and even more team building fun, each Synergy Dance Company dancer will get a discounted 3-day Disney World Park Pass to enjoy over the weekend.

We couldn’t be more proud of our dancers and their commitment to do what it takes and bring their best to every class, rehearsal, and performance. Stay tuned for even more great news as our Synergy Dance Company members take the upcoming competition season by storm!

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