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Progressive Dance Studio Classes start on
Saturday, September 8, 2018.

Building Confidence & Creativity in our 39th Year!

At PDS, we offer dance classes for all ages and skill levels. Beginning at age 2 with Mommy & Me classes all the way through Teen and Adult classes!

We offer a wide variety of dance styles and techniques such as Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Acro, Jumps & Turns and more. We’re excited to introduce and welcome our new instructors by adding Singing, Acting & Theatre, Bollywood, and Yoga classes to our curriculum this Fall, as well as increased class offerings for Adults. With dance classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, there is a place for everyone to dance at Progressive Dance Studio!

As Progressive Dance Studio celebrates 39 years of dance education we’re excited to announce our studio facilities will be expanding. We’ll be adding 3000 square feet of space and opening three new state-of-the-art studios for our students to dance in. As our dance family grows we’re constantly striving to provide our students with more learning opportunities in all forms of dance.

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Interested in dancing more than just recreationally?

We have the Competitive Dance Team just for you!

Our Award-Winning Synergy Dance Company!

Synergy Dance Companies perform regularly and are offered opportunities to attend guest workshops like our Summer Intensive Program (link to event) that are taught by well known, and renowned professional dance educators and choreographers. Company members have an opportunity to hone their performance skills through frequent performances and to give back to the community by sharing in noteworthy charity functions and fundraising events.

Auditions are required to be a part of our award winning competitive Synergy Dance Company. We have 12 companies; 6 Jazz/Contemporary, 4 Hip Hop and 2 Tap. All companies are placed by age and level (novice to advanced). Please Contact our Company Director  to find out more and set up an audition!

If you have any questions our would like to drop by the Studio for a facility tour, please contact us at (201) 894-1333 or send us an email  to schedule your visit.

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