Progressive Dance Studio Is Ready to Rock Our 2019 Dance Recitals

Please Come Join Us for our Annual Dance Recitals on Sunday & Monday June 2nd & 3rd.  

Our annual dance recital is an exciting time for everyone at Progressive Dance Studio. For over 40 years we have taught our dancers and parents to successfully prepare for their big day. Each year in May, our Progressive Dance Studio dancers are working hard to prepare for their recital. Progressive Dance Studio dance instructors are putting the final touches on dance routines and doing their best to make sure that every dancer is ready for their big performance. 

Recital week is one of the most exciting and rewarding times for your child.  First year dancers will experience performing on a live stage for the very first time. The dancers’ excitement, enthusiasm, and beautiful costumes are the making of a very special day! We can’t wait to see you there.

2019 Dance Recital Details

Recital Show Dates & Times

  • Sunday, June 2, 2019: Recital with 3 Shows – 3:00 pm, 5:00 pm & 7:00 PM
  • Monday, June 3, 2019: Synergy Dance Company Recital – 6:30 PM


For parents of Progressive Dance Studio students, we have put together a list of helpful tips to assist you in preparing for your child’s dance recital:



  • Get your costumes ready ahead of time. Layout the different costumes for each dance and make sure you have all the pieces and accessories that go along with them. Pack them in individual bags and label them! This will help make costume changes easy and calm for you and your dancer.
  • If your child’s costumes require tights, be sure to purchase and pack extra tights in case there are any runs. Don’t forget dance shoes! It‘s surprising how often dance shoes are left at home.


Hair & Makeup

  • Do a trial run of hair and make-up so both you and your child know what to expect before the day of the show. This helps greatly reduce stress on recital day. Make-up is typically new to young dancers and can take a bit of getting used to. Once you have the style perfected, take a few photos to help you remember.
  • Bring extra hair ties, bobby pins, brushes/combs, hairspray, and any other required makeup and put it in the dance bag.



  • Our shows are short and sweet.  Dancers should have bottled water with them to stay hydrated and some light snacks.  Please no colored drinks as they will stain a costume if spilled.


Some Extra Helpful Tips:

  •  Pack some “just in case” items. For hygiene, pack things like washcloths, small towels, band-aids, deodorant, and hand sanitizer. If your child gets bored quickly, pack some flash cards, or an easy game to pass the time in between performances. Pack an extra outfit that your son/daughter can change into once the recital is done.
  • Please feel free to take videos and pictures at our dress rehearsal the day before the recital. However, pictures and videos are not permitted during the show.


If you’re a parent with a child that is considering dance classes in Englewood or Bergen County, we invite  you visit our dance studio at Progressive Dance Studio.  Please contact us for a free trial class and to Register for the 2020 Fall Session!


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