Our Expanded Dance Studio Is Open! Plus New Dance Class Programs

Progressive Dance Studio Expansion

Progressive Dance Studio is proud of its nearly 40 years of teaching dance in Englewood, NJ and this fall we’ve expanded our studio to over 8,500 square feet and created two beautiful new dance studios and drumroll please… the unveiling of our new state-of-the-art Acro Dance Studio complete with a 12x42 Tumbl Trak with sprung flooring!

Our dancers now have a specially designed Acro Dance studio to practice and build their acrobatic and athletic skills. It’s the only dance studio of its kind in Bergen County, New Jersey and our students love it! The Acro Dance studio is adjacent to our added lobby area where parents, family and friends can view our dancers in action through the observation window. You can find information about our new Acro Dance Program below. Our new studio space also includes a gorgeous dance studio with hardwood oak sprung flooring perfect for any style of dance.

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Three New Dance Programs Now Available

With the addition of the new studios, Progressive Dance Studio has added three new dance programs to our curriculum that offer even more choices and convenience for our students. Our three new programs include:


Acro Dance Program


Our Acro Dance program was established to offer a greater variety of classes for our dance students that want to expand their acrobatic and athletic skills using our state-of-the-art Tumble Trak complete with sprung floor. Acro Dance is an especially challenging dance style for dancers as it requires them to be trained in both dance and acrobatic skills. We now offer both Beginner and Intermediate Acro classes for students age 5-18.

New Acro Classes include:

  • Beginning Acro Ages 5-7
  • Beginning Acro Ages 8-12
  • Beginning Acro Ages 12 +
  • Intermediate Acro Ages 10+
  • Intermediate Acro 2 Ages 11 +

A typical beginner’s level Acro Dance class will include basic tumbling moves with a strong emphasis on stretching and strengthening exercises, building a strong foundation and preparing the dance student for more advanced work. Basic movements learned include splits, back-bends, rolls and cartwheels.

In our Intermediate Acro dance classes, dance students will build on the foundation from Beginning Acro by perfecting their skills and further developing their tumbling moves by learning and practicing back hand springs, front & back aerials, back tucks and more.

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Performing Arts – Intro to Musical Theater


Progressive Dance Studio’s new Performing Arts Program starts with an Intro to Musical Theater offering dance students the opportunity to expand their acting and theater skills through scene work and singing musical scenes.

Intro to Musical Theater classes are currently being offered for dance students ages 7-12. Students will build their theater skill through the practical use of scenes from current and classical Broadway shows such as “Peter Pan”, “High School Musical,” and “School of Rock,” among others, to name a few.

The Intro to Musical Theater Performing Arts program is designed to prepare and familiarize students with what is expected during the audition process, how best to relate and work with other performers during a scene and provide them with the confidence they will need to succeed in school, social situations, and future performance opportunities.

Class Times:

Saturday 10am – 12pm

Baby Yoga Program


Our Baby Yoga program is designed to be gentler and set at a more relaxed pace than traditional yoga. The focus is on the interaction and bonding between you and your baby. You don’t need prior yoga experience to start and it’s a great opportunity to get in a workout, meet other new mothers in the community all while providing your baby with new sights, movements and stimulation.

It’s a good idea to bring a small familiar blanket for your baby to lie on as well as some small toys to keep your little one happy. You don’t have to worry about your baby being a little fussy or needing a little extra attention, in this class you’re totally free to pick up your baby, walk them around, change a diaper or feed their little tummies. Our Baby Yoga program will be a relaxing experience for the two of you doing gentle exercise through yoga, and is all about your needs and promoting happiness, health and love!

Please call the studio to register as classes are forming for the following Baby Yoga Classes:

Baby Yoga – 8 weeks to crawling
Baby Yoga – Crawling to Age 2

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