Erin Mallon

(Dance Company Director, Dance Instructor)

Erin Mallon has been dancing her entire life. Today, she is one of Progressive Dance Studio’s most valued and loved dance instructors as well as the Company Director for Synergy Dance Company. “Miss Erin”, as she is affectionately known, grew up in Virginia and started dancing when she was just three years old. Erin entered her first dance competition at age  twelve and as a young dancer trained in classical Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Hip-Hop, Lyrical and Contemporary. By age eighteen Erin moved to NYC to attend The Fashion Institute. However, she missed dancing so much that within a year she enrolled in the Hip Hop Dance Conservatory (HHDC) in NYC to once again study dance. 

HHDC was a turning point in Erin’s dance career and education. The intense dance training and dedication required, helped to develop a strong foundation for her future career steps and her teaching philosophy. Erin stated “What I loved about HHDC was that the instructors pushed you past what you thought your limits were and then even much more than you thought you could do.  We would have hard core conditioning for four hours and then start dance rehearsal for another three hours. It was intense!”

With Erin’s broad training across dance genres, she is an extremely well-rounded performer, instructor, and choreographer. She has a knack for incorporating and blending different genres and frequently combines Lyrical, Jazz, and Hip-Hop styles in her work.

Erin’s versatility and outstanding teaching ability makes her a valuable member of the Progressive Dance Studio faculty. Erin joined us in 2013 as a dance instructor and is now the Company Director of Progressive Dance Studio’s Synergy Dance Company, our award-winning competition dance team. 

Each year Erin choreographs numerous routines for Synergy Dance Company’s annual dance competition season. In March of this year Erin won the Best Choreographer’s Award at the 2019 Revel Dance Competition for her Hip-Hop choreography number “Squad”, performed by Synergy Dance Company’s Crew 3.

We are so proud of Erin’s choreography for Synergy Dance Company and congratulate her on her personal achievements. We are thankful to have her as a member of the Progressive Dance Studio family.

Get to know Erin a little better in our short interview below. We know you’ll see what makes her so special too and why “Miss Erin” is such a tremendous part of our Progressive Dance Studio faculty. 

Progressive Dance Studio: What do you enjoy most about performing?  

Erin:  The rush that you get when you do a live performance. The feeling of the excitement before you go on stage.

Progressive Dance Studio: What did you like most about HHDC?  

Erin: There were a lot of things I enjoyed about HHDC, but I loved training hard and all the amazing opportunities to work that the school provided. I was able to do commercial work in advertisements for Nike, Adidas, Pepsi, and MTV. Live performances with the R&B artist Lee Charm, Reggaeton artist Tyna Q. Bloch and Angel Feliciano (The Movement). I was also a featured dancer in the promo for the hit TV show America’s Best Dance Crew with Randy Jackson as well as in the movie, Step Up 3D. My favorite four performance experiences were: 

  • Doing a TV show with Carson Daly in 2006, known as Total Request Live.
  • “America’s Best Dance Crews” – a talent show, but for dance 2009 – I performed in the many TV commercials and assisted the choreographer.
  • Apollo Theatre – Back in Da Day 2006
  • AIDS Benefit with Jada Pinkett Smith at the Highland Ballroom 2005 

Progressive Dance Studio: When did you start teaching and why do you like it? 

Erin: I started teaching in 2010 at the Chambersburg Dance in Trenton, New Jersey, and loved the owner’s mission to create a safe environment for the children in a fairly rough neighborhood where many of the kids didn’t have a lot of options.  I taught there for 7 years and return each summer to teach a class.  

Progressive Dance Studio: What’s the best part of teaching at Progressive Dance Studio? 

Erin: There are no creative limitations at Progressive Dance Studio. Jolene Perry (Artistic Director) gives her instructors complete creative freedom, which is exciting and exhilarating.

I enjoy pushing the dance students past their limitations and what they think they can do. I love it when a child has been working on a new technique or dance move really hard and they finally do it! Their face lights up because they accomplished a thing they thought they couldn’t do, now they know they can. 

Progressive Dance Studio: What is the most challenging parts of teaching kids?   

Erin: Helping the dance students to realize what they are capable of. Just because someone posted a moment on Instagram that looks perfect and effortless , it may have taken them many, many attempts or even years to accomplish that move.  Most people only put the best of themselves online.  

Progressive Dance Studio: If you could give some advice to new dancers starting out, what would it be?  

Erin: Don’t get discouraged. Don’t compare yourself to everyone else.  Everyone’s body and minds are not the same and we all learn at different speeds. Don’t get caught up in all the “extra stuff”, try to live in the moment and enjoy the artistry of dance. And that it’s never too late to start dancing!

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“If you look at a dancer in silence, his or her body will be the music. If you turn the music on, that body will become an extension of what you’re hearing.” —Judith Jamison