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Celebrating 40 Years of Dance Education!

Progressive Dance Studio located in Englewood, NJ will be celebrating 40 years of dance class education in 2019! Our dance class curriculum is based on the experience of those years and the thousands of successful Bergen County students who have danced on our floors. Many of our students have gone on to be professional dancers, choreographers and instructors themselves.

We strive to provide our students with a complete dance education in a family friendly, non-competitive environment where they can learn while having fun and building lifelong friendships. Nurturing creativity and self-confidence are at the foundation of our core values.



Dance Classes

Dance for All Ages & Skill Levels

At Progressive Dance Studio a wide variety of dance classes tailored to all ages and skill levels are available. Beginning at age 2 with Mommy & Me classes all the way through Teen and Adult classes, students and their parents can choose from an array of dance styles and techniques such as Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, and Acro dance. 

In January we are offering two new Tumbling Activity classes; Tumble Babies for infants ages 8 – 18 months and Tumble Tots for toddlers 18 months – 3 years old.

Targeted Lesson Plans

Each of our dance classes are designed on skill level progressions and detailed lesson plans. Our outstanding instructors and small student-to-teacher ratio ensures individual quality instruction during each class and allows us to focus on each child’s personal best.

Our Dance Classes

New Students are encouraged to take as many free trial classes as they would like within one week to provide them the opportunity to experience our beautiful dance studios, be a part of our comfortable family environment, and find the ideal dance classes best suited to them as they begin their exciting journey into the world of dance. 






Ages Three & Under

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Dance classes provide many benefits that can positively impact your child’s life and help them grow physically and intellectually.

Dance supports greater development of rhythm and balance, strength and stamina, gross and fine motor skills and overall coordination. Attending dance classes also supports the growth of a child’s creativity, concentration, self-esteem, self-discipline and dedication to a goal in a teamwork environment.

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Beginners Guide to Tap Dance

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Meet Courtney Jordan

Meet Courtney Jordan

  Courtney Jordan  (Ballet Dancer, Instructor, Choreographer)When Courtney Jordan was 2 years old she used to watch while her sister took dance class. Then one day her mother asked her if she wanted to go in and take the class…Courtney refused but continued...

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The Beginner’s Guide to Jazz Dance

The Beginner’s Guide to Jazz Dance

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