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We love our dance family!

I have been dancing at progressive for about four years! I love this studio so much. The teachers are all so kind and sweet. I have made so many amazing friends throughout my years as a dancer at Progressive. All of the teachers try to make us all come together as one and make new friends. I have made so many amazing friends I never thought I would have. I would definitely recommend this dance studio. You make many amazing friends and you will have the time of your life.

Alexandra G.

Student, Age 12

I moved to this studio last year and it’s an AMAZING place to dance. The dancers are like a great big family! Every day I can’t wait to come to this place and dance my heart out with people I love.

Tshahi M.

Student, Age 14

We’ve had our daughters at Progressive for 7 years. It has always been a wonderful experience. The girls have learned a lot and enjoyed themselves, and the teachers are excellent. The thing that really clinched it for us was when our youngest joined the competition team, the emphasis was very much on developing themselves and not about competing against anyone (zero trash talking allowed). Miss Jolene is has a real love and knack for teaching kids dance, and helps her instructors find different ways to reach students effectively. She has created a very positive, ethical, and above all, nurturing environment.

John F.


I have been dancing here for 9 years and I love it every year. The teachers are not only choreographers, but also mentors and role models. The director truly cares about each individual and works hard to make sure everyone is satisfied. She is nothing but passionate about dance and truly loves her job and inspiring us to be better performers.

Nina T.

Student, Age 16

Both my daughters have danced at Progressive for 10+ years, starting at ages 3 and 7. One of them has been with the elite company since 7th grade, won several regional titles and scholarships, and been invited to numerous professional NYC companies. The other dances recreationally, enjoying the camaraderie of her dance friends and teachers. I’m impressed that Progressive has fully supported each of their experiences.

They have learned exceptional dance technique and more importantly, they have been surrounded by kind friends and role models in their journey to becoming responsible and considerate young women. Jo and her team unfailingly prioritize the technical/emotional safety and growth of the dancers above all else, including their own personal time and priorities.

Lily R.


This place is my second home. I grew up here and I love it. The staff and members are super nice, and it is safe here. The girls that I dance with are like sisters to me, and we’ve known each other for years now. We always take trips together like to Disney World and Hershey Park to name just two. We always place in competitions and a lot of our students have gotten scholarships. Progressive Dance Studio rocks!!!!!!!!!!! It is really fun!!!!!!!!

Ana H.

Student, Age 9

I began dancing at Progressive Dance Studio in 2012. I had been dancing at another studio prior, but everything changed when I started attending Progressive. From the moment I met the owner, Jolene, I knew that I was at the right place to receive an amazing dance education. When I first started classes, my technique was not the best, but the fantastic staff helped me grow and fix the bad habits. I was also a part of Synergy Dance Company, the competition team at Progressive. This studio does not focus on winning trophies and medals for the sake of winning, but encourages the students to have a love for the art form itself. Jolene is like my second mother, and she has not only helped me to grow as a dancer, but as a person. I recently graduated from high school, but I continue to take dance classes in order to retain the amazing technique that I had learned from Progressive. The teachers at this school are incredible. My classmates have become my second family, and the overall atmosphere of the studio gives off a very close family vibe. To any parents that are thinking of putting their child in dance, I strongly recommend Progressive Dance Studio. This school was incredibly beneficial to me, and to so many others.

Emily S.

Student, Age 18

I love this dance studio! I’ve been dancing here for almost 6 years. It’s an amazing place!

Allie R.

Student, Age 11

PDS is a great studio to dance at, I have been dancing there for almost 9 years and dancing with the company for 4 and they have been great. All the girls at PDS are so nice and kind. The teachers are so kind too and push us to be our best and to be confident. Jolene Perry, the owner is an amazing teachers and so nice, I have never seen her mad. PDS is a second home to me and the girls are my sisters that I wish I had. The choreography is amazing and we always win in competitions. It’s a real honor to dance at PDS and I’m so grateful that when I was 2 my mother and father enrolled me there and not anywhere else. I’ve enjoyed every minute I am in the studio. I would recommend and encourage you to enroll you child there with no question.

Jaden P.

Student, Age 12

I’ve been dancing at progressive for 10 years and I love the staff and my fellow dancers. They care about their students and only want us to succeed!

Brianna F.

Student, Age 14

Progressive Dance Studio is my home I have been dancing here for 8 years! The teachers here are the kindest teachers ever and they inspire me every day! They push us to our best and make sure we have a great time! The teachers here are so advanced I learn something new every day! In class she teaches us every detail, what we should be feeling and thinking so we get it right! I don’t know what this studio would do without her! I love this studio so much every teacher cares so much about us and makes us feel important and make our dreams come true! This is the best studio I know and I am so lucky to be dancing here!

Rebecca N.

Student, Age 11

I am the father of 3 girls, each of whom are enrolled in multiple classes for numerous years at progressive dance studio. My oldest is a high school senior, who has been a student at PDS since she was 3 years old. Both of my other daughters started dancing at PDS at 3 years old. During our 15 years at PDS, we have enjoyed the classes, the instructors, the family atmosphere, and the overall welcoming and nurturing environment that the school provides. My daughters have learned so much about the various genres of dance, choreography and teamwork from the owner and dance instructors. Any parent who wants their son or daughter to learn from professional and caring instructors while being part of a close knit team of kids should seriously enroll at progressive dance studio.

Stephen S.


Progressive Dance is my home. I live and breathe dance everyday with positive energy from the teachers and my fellow teammates. I’ve been dancing here for 10 years, and the teachers here have pushed me to my very best, and I have grown as a dancer. My friends here are sisters and if you join will get to be a part of the family! PDS is always helping reach my full potential. Your kids will grow as dancers and will have a family to support them. We travel together to Disneyland, Lincoln Center, and Hershey Park to perform for the audience, and I always have so much fun and make so many memories when I walk through that door.

Ella S.

Student, Age 12

I have danced at Progressive Dance Studio for the past 8 years and the girls I dance with are my second family. At this studio everyone looks out for each other including teachers. Every day I look forward to coming to dance and pursuing a dream of mine since I was 2 years old. Being 14 now it is 100% my choice to stay with this studio and I plan to be here as a senior in high school. I love this studio more than words can describe and can’t wait to spend future years dancing with my second family! I highly recommend registering for the competitive team!

Arden S.

Student, Age 14

AMAZING!!!! I’ve been dancing here for over 7 years ??

Annika G.

Student, Age 15

For the past 14 years, my life has revolved around dance. Progressive Dance Studio has always been and will continue to be the perfect forum for me to continue to develop my skills, cultivate my passion, and train in what I love. This place is impossible not to feel comfortable in. It has been my home for the past 10 years and its unbearable for me to think that I only have one year left. My dance friends have become my sisters, and along with our teachers and company directors we have become a close knit family. I genuinely cannot imagine my life without them.

Hayley G.

Student, Age 16

I have been taking my daughter (age 13) to Progressive Dance for 11+ years, and it has been a fantastic experience! About 5 years ago, my daughter joined the PDS Dance Company, and has had some recent success, winning a few awards and scholarships at the competitions and conventions. Throughout the years, my daughter has made some of her best friendships at PDS, and she considers many of those girls to be like her sisters. In addition to the great friendships she has made, the dance teachers at the studio have been wonderful….they are not only outstanding dance instructors, but have also been terrific mentors and role models as well.

The thing I love most about PDS is that its focus is not just all about dance, but rather on the overall development of each child as a complete person, because the emphasis is not only on the physical aspect of dancing, but it is also on the mental, emotional, and social parts of being a well-rounded and whole individual. My daughter’s self-confidence and self-esteem has soared at PDS, which I think comes from the fact that the Studio is a family-oriented, nurturing environment.

Finally, I have known Miss Jolene for over 20 years, and for anyone who knows her, knows that there is nothing more important to her than the overall safety and well-being of her kids (students) and that she passionately loves each and every one of them! Obviously I can’t say enough great things about PDS! We love it!!

Scott B.


This is the most professional dance studio in Bergen County-First Place Winner of too many competitions to recite and the only place to let your children grow to learn technique and love dance! The teachers are beyond fantastic!

Adriana WM.


Progressive is a very nice and welcoming place. I love to dance here with my friends and the amazing staff.I am 10 years old and I love it here. The staff is amazing and I love pds❤!

Ashleigh N.

Student, Age 10

My daughter has been dancing with Progressive for many years now. I am very picky about where my children spend their time. We chose Progressive after interviewing and looking at many competitors. The instruction, management and value far surpassed those found elsewhere. The fees include recital costumes which was a welcomed surprise. The end if the year recital is professional and a joy to attend. If you choose not to learn dance here you are missing out.

Deb N.


I am only 7 years old but I have been dancing here for 5 years. I have been competing since I was 4 years old. The teachers are always helping me and I am so close to them that one of them even goes out of their way to pick me up from school sometimes. I had my first solo at the age of 4 and wasn’t even nervous because the studio prepared me so much. I never want to stop dancing here. My friends at school know how much I love dancing here that they decided to sign up and dance here with me. I love all the friends I’ve made and all the teachers I’ve had.

Jada S.

Student, Age 7

Love this place! Great teachers and great dancing! The teachers take care of us and push us to be our best! Amazing dance studio!

Izzy W.

Student, Age 15

I have been dancing for years and I have moved studios constantly. I have been at Progressive Dance Studio for 3 years now and I absolutely love it here. This studio has been the best one I’ve been to! I’ve made so many friends and the teachers are absolutely amazing.

Jenna B.

Student, Age 12

Progressive is such a great environment to dance in. Staff becomes family and dancers are so passionate about what they do. I’ve been dancing here for four years and I couldn’t imagine where I would be without it.

Reese P.

Student, Age 13

My three girls have been dancing at the studio almost from birth. My oldest is about to finish her 16th year here. It has been her home away from home. I am so grateful for the safe and loving environment that she has experienced here. She has made her closest friends here and has learned so much from her teachers that she looks up to. What I love most about this studio is that it is a warm family friendly studio that cares about each of their students and they go above and beyond for each one. My girls feel so close to their teachers and I couldn’t be happier that they look forward to coming every day.

Susan S,


My two daughters have been part of the Progressive Dance family for over 10 years. The studio is a safe, happy and family oriented studio. The kids are happy and the parents are happy. Come visit and you will love it here!

Elia M.


I have been a dancer here for 16 years and been on the competition team for 9 years. I am currently a senior. All the teachers are so caring and welcoming in every class I take. This isn’t only a dance studio to me, but it is my home. My second home. I’m here more than I am at my real home. I could never imagine dancing anywhere else, the memories I’ve made here will be cherished forever. Not only have I been dancing here as long as I could walk, but so have my 2 sisters. The teachers are the best role models and I look up to them. The owner of the studio has watched me grow up and I see her as a second mom. The teachers here are so supportive, inspiring and understanding. They have prepared me to not only be able to go on stage and perform a solo, but they give me confidence in what I’m doing outside of the dance world. There has never been a day where I didn’t want to come to dance, it’s what I look forward to during my school day. I also have my internship here where I am learning to become a choreographer myself. The friends I have made are my sisters. If you are looking for not only a dance studio, but a home, I recommend signing up for classes at Progressive Dance Studio. I wouldn’t have wanted to spend my life dancing anywhere else. I love you PDS!!!!

Alexa S.

Student, Age 18

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