With the launch of our new dedicated Acro Dance Studio in Englewood, NJ we’ve been fielding a ton of questions about exactly what Acro Dance class is, or as it’s commonly referred to by dancers, Acro.

 What is Acro Dance?

Acro dance combines classical dance techniques with fluid and lyrical acrobatic movements. The dance movements in Acro originate in ballet, jazz, modern and lyrical dance styles. Smooth, graceful transitions between a dancer’s movement are the defining traits of Acro dance choreography. Unlike the faster and stronger routines of gymnastics, Acro dance is meant to enhance the art form of dance and provide the dancers with even greater means of self-expression.

 What are the benefits of Acro Dance class?


Acro dance is physically demanding and generally requires two years of instruction before the dancer sees the results of their dedication and training. Attending an Acro dance class provides the dancer with a solid foundation for building greater strength, flexibility, coordination and control of their body which will serve them well in their overall dance training.

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What is different about Acro Dance classes at Progressive Dance Studio?


As the popularity of Acro Dance has grown in the United States and in dance competitions, more and more dancers require a safe and dedicated environment in which to practice and learn the skills required for proper execution of Acro dance “tricks”. Acro dance tricks are the incorporation of acrobatic elements such as front and back walkovers, aerials, handsprings, front and back tucks and handsprings.


Our newest studio space was designed specifically for Acro dance instruction and comes equipped with a state-of-the-art 42 foot Tumbl Trak® with Spring Floors and new Acro equipment.  Jolene Perry, Owner & Artistic Director, has recently seen a high level of interest from PDS’s students wanting to learn both basic and more difficult Acro fundamental skills tricks, “Given our student’s enthusiasm for improving their Acro skills and tricks, we were very excited to invest in the Tumbl Trak, it was a no-brainer!”PDS’s Tumbl Trak® is the first and only Acro dance studio of its kind for dancers in Bergen County!  The installation of the Tumbl Trak provides students with the opportunity to build and improve their acrobatic dance skills in a similar way to those who study gymnastics.

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Just for Fun!

Check out this video of Cirque du Soleil’s official preview of the Michal Jackson ONE show

Cirque Du Soleil are masters of the Acro dance style!

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