About Us

Progressive Dance Studio is committed to fostering the love of dance and the performing arts in our students. We are passionate about dance, the performing arts and education in Englewood, Bergen County, New Jersey. Our mission is to develop each student’s talents by nurturing their individual abilities and to instill self-confidence and self–esteem, as well as an appreciation for dance, qualities that will benefit our students in every aspect of their lives. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of professional instruction in a safe and creative non-competitive environment.
Progressive Dance Studio Dance Company

38 Years of Dance Education History

Our Beginnings

From our humble beginnings as a one-room ballet studio to a state-of-the art dance education institution, over the past 38 years Progressive Dance Studio has grown into one of the top dance studios in the tri-state area. Our award winning Synergy Dance company competes against some of the  best dancers on the East Coast. We offer a wide array of classes in all the major forms of dance; Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, and Acro as well as Adult Classes for those in our community. Our Tots in Tutus and Creative Movement programs for 3, 4 and 5 years olds are the perfect introduction your dancer to be!

Our Dance Company

In 2011 Progressive Dance Studio established the Synergy Dance Company (SDC), a series of Dance Companies that participate in Dance Competitions and Conventions. Synergy Dance Company members receive an opportunity to both compete against some of the top dancers on the East Coast, and to be taught by master teachers in their dance form. Over the last seven years, PDS has won numerous awards for being one of the Top Dance Studios in New Jersey and throughout the Tri-State Region, including:  VIP Dance Competition 2018 – Best Dance Studio, Inferno Dance Competition 2017 – Dance Regional Championship, and StarQuest 2016 – 5 Platinum Awards & 4 Special Awards, to name a few.

Our Faculty

Our outstanding faculty is highly qualified. An infusion of excellent dance instructors from New York and New Jersey provides an atmosphere of inspiration, excitement, and learning for our students.  PDS’s dance instructors have taught at some of New York City’s premier dance schools, including Broadway Dance Center, STEPS, and Peridance Center.  Our instructors have performed for such well known shows & venues as:  the Apollo Theatre, Good Morning America: Live, the Dr. Oz Show, MTV ‘s “America Dance Crew with Randy Jackson, and in commercials for Nike, AT&T, Volvo, Adidas, and Pepsi. Our teachers have danced professionally and performed with greats such as Gregory Hines, DanceEllington and Brenda Bufalino, on and off Broadway and for major dance companies such as Alvin Ailey American and Eglevsky Ballet Company.

Our Dance Studio

Our 6000sq ft. facility is comprised of a lounge area, dressing area and 4 dance studios each with a sub-sprung floating dance floor, modern sound system and large observation window. We have designed our space to provide the best learning environment for our students and their parents. In 2018, we are redesigning our current space and adding more square footage, for a total of 5 dance studios and over 8,500 sq ft.

Meet Our Dance Instructors


Our Core Values


At PDS, we live to dance and we love children. We are passionate about dance and the personal growth of our students. We are committed to creating an environment where our teachers and staff are enthusiastic about the Studio and our students. We celebrate the invaluable gifts that dance offers everyone – joy, laughter, wonder and a sense of play.


We aspire to provide the highest quality of standards and aim to excel in every aspect of the Studio. We have paid careful attention to every detail of our business, including daily operations, class curriculum, standards of instruction, teacher expectations and customer relations in hopes of creating an exceptional service and experience for our students and parents.


We operate PDS with the highest levels of integrity. We strive to build something special, that is lasting and memorable, and that everyone associated with the Studio can be proud of.


Creativity is the essence of dance and we value innovation at every level. We seek out new possibilities and constantly search for new approaches to our craft and curriculum in hopes of inspiring our students.


The art of dance requires good behavior, great discipline, dedication and sacrifice. We value these qualities and expect the same from our teachers and students. It is vital that these qualities be taught in every class to every student, regardless of age or ability. Mutual respect, appreciation and understanding are crucial to a safe, productive and creative environment.


We value teamwork and collaboration as integral components of our studio environment. On stage and off, we embrace and encourage everyone to work as a team. Staff and students alike must work together toward a common goal in an environment of positivity, generosity, kindness and understanding.

Customer Satisfaction

We understand what is important to our customers and the necessity to provide the highest level of service. This drives us to see the PDS experience from the perspective of our students and parents so we can consistently provide the best possible environment and dance experience for everyone.

“Dancing is the loftiest, the most moving, the most beautiful of the arts. For it is no mere translation or abstraction of life. It is life itself.” – Henry Havelock Ellis