2020 Synergy Dance Company Competition Season Starts This Month

February is always an exciting and fun month for Progressive Dance Studio’s award-winning Synergy Dance Company because it marks the start of the 2020 Dance Competition Season. As the new season swings into high gear, for Synergy Dance Company it is the culmination of months of preparation, dedicated training, and rigorous rehearsing. 

Synergy Dance Company has 11 different dance companies, students ranging from ages 6-18, ready to compete.  Each year being a part of Synergy Dance Company is an exhilarating experience for our dancers, and this year is no exception. With a full line-up of competition and performance events, Synergy Dance Company will be attending and participating in 2 conventions, 4 major competitions, and our annual Synergy Dance Company Showcase. Synergy Dance Company will also be taking their highly anticipated trip to Walt Disney World Resort in May, which includes a special dance workshop and a performance!

Being a Member of a Dance Company is More Than Just Dancing

While being a member of a competitive dance company team is a wonderful combination of fun, hard work and exhilarating experiences, there are many other benefits beyond the obvious aspect of learning dance and performing on stage.

Through the practice of dance as an art form and sport, dance company members learn and develop skills that will last a lifetime;  time management, how to take care of their body, how to be a supportive friend and a helpful teammate, how to perform under pressure, and much more.

Our Synergy Dance Company members learn first-hand that hard work pays off, that the friendships they make with fellow Synergy Dance Company members are lasting, and that they have many “once-in-a-lifetime” experiences.

As one Synergy Dance Company dance member, Kyra, stated “Competitions are so much fun! I like bonding with my teammates and being with my friends throughout the competition and not just on the stage.  The best part is making memories with my teammates and performing to achieve our personal best. I can’t wait to compete this year!”



Synergy Dance Company Awards and Member Recognition

Last year was Synergy Dance Company’s most successful competition year to date as our dancers brought home more than 80 dance awards. We have equally high expectations for another award-winning season in 2020.  As a preview of what is to come, last month two of our Synergy Dance Company members participated in the Monsters of Hip-Hop Convention and were awarded tickets to an upcoming dance convention and a scholarship to the Hip Hop Summer Finale. 

Being a part of Synergy Dance Company is a special experience for all our dancers, and each month one Synergy Dance Company dancer is selected in recognition of their hard work, team spirit, and dedication as the Stand-out Dancer of the Month. 



Synergy Dance Company Stand – Out Dancer of the Month has been awarded to:


September –  Sophia (age 11) a member of Crew 1 Hip Hop 

October – Catherine (age 11) a member of Jazz Company & Crew 1 Hip Hop 

November  – Amber (age 16) a member of Diamond Jazz Company 

December – Ashleigh (age 11) a member of Sapphire Jazz Company 

January – Lydia (age 16) a member of Rubies Jazz Company 



As the 2020 Competition Season gets underway this month, we are so proud of our Synergy Dance Company dancers and their commitment to bringing their best to every class, rehearsal, and performance. Stay tuned for even more great news as our Synergy Dance Company members shine their brightest on stage during this upcoming competition season!

Synergy Dance Company Auditions

For any dancer interested in competition dancing and becoming a member of Synergy Dance Company, Progressive Dance Studio is currently accepting new dance company members in the Jazz/Contemporary, Tap and Hip-Hop Crew Companies for the 2020-2021 season.

Would You Like To Audition for Synergy Dance Company?


Synergy Dance Company Auditions for the 2020-2021 season will be held on  Saturday, June 6 at our Progressive Dance Studio in Englewood, New Jersey.  Any dancers looking to be part of an amazing dance team, please sign up for auditions by June 1.


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SDC has 11 different dance companies that attend dance conventions and dance competitions, these include: 

• Pearls (Ages 6-8)

• Emeralds: (Ages 9-11)

• Rubies (Ages 13-16)

• Sapphires (Ages 11-14)

• Diamond (Ages 14  & up)

• Mini Hip Hop Crew (Ages 5-8)

• Hip Hop Crew 1 (Ages 9-11)

• Hip Hop: Crew 2 (Ages 11-13)

• Hip Hop: Crew 3 (Ages 13 & up)

• Hip Hop: Crew 4 (Ages 13 & up)

• Junior Tap (Ages 9-11)


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